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How to Contact a Sister

Out of respect for personal privacy we do not publish the names and contact information for the Sisters of St. Joseph. However, we do recognize that the Sisters touch lives wherever they serve, and that around the globe there are countless women and men who remember a Sister fondly and may wish to renew an acquaintance, send a greeting, or make a particular request for prayer support.

We at the Congregational Center are pleased to serve the purpose of receiving your inquiry and then facilitating contact as appropriate.

Please email the following information to
We must have all of this information in order to conduct a search.

  • Sister's Name (first and last)
  • Location Where You Knew the Sister (city, state, country)
  • Years You Knew the Sister (e.g., 1970- 1974)
  • Ministry in Which You Knew the Sister (if applicable)
  • How the Sister May Contact You (Please remember that some Sisters may not have email, so please include your name, address with zip code and phone number along with your email address.)
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